Welcome to Party and Co.

Welcome to Party and Co.
June 9, 2016 Valia

Did someone say PARTY?

Then let’s get together and personalize your ideas, set the scene to unfold your story and make it a memorable one. One that awakens the senses, warms the heart and makes the experience worthy to share!

We do believe that anything is a good enough reason to celebrate.

First of all life itself.

It’s your birthday.

You are getting married.

A baby is on the way.

Your kid is turning 1, 2, 3, …

You just got promoted.

You had a boring week.

You discovered a new wine that needs tasting.

Your kid has managed to sleep through the night.

An old friend is coming to town for the weekend.

Your husband is away for the weekend.

You just need to escape. Dance. Laugh. Flirt. Communicate.

Anything can spark the idea for a get together.

And everyone can keep on finding reasons to celebrate again and again.

This is where Party & Co comes in, ready to help you realize the party you desire and may have not yet imagined or do not dare to try.  To us, all challenges are welcome and accepted with excitement. We are drawn to crazy, innovative ideas.  Your wishes are valued, your budget and deadlines respected. We are flexible, passionate about design and detail and adore the elegant simplicity of things.  Discovering new materials, especially eco friendly ones, is a project in constant progress. Hence, new tailor made party concepts are born.

We take your party seriously because we know you want everything considered and everyone to feel special that day. That’s why we turn its decorative success into a personal business. You might think, that most of your guests won’t pay attention to those glitter cupcake toppers or the tiny confetti you threw on the table, the paper straws and place tags, the personalized party favors or the tiny piece of washi tape on the paper bag, but we all know that beauty hides in the detail.

Party & Co wants to give everyone a chance to have something to remember and a story to tell.  So, don’t worry, just party! Because we want those party photos to scream:


This is our wish.

So let’s get together and plan this special day.

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